Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Whats with Gilze Air Force Base?

Years ago I cycled past Gilze Air Force Base in the Netherlands and almost got decapitated by an F16. It was my own stupid fault really as there were traffic lights on the road to stop cars whilst aircraft were on final. I rode past these to get a good photo head on of an F16 on approach. So close it was I felt the exhaust heat as it passed over and the ditch next to the road was utilised, much to the amusement of a certain cycling companion!

Last night I was looking at it in Google Earth only to be astonished that the Air Force base has been pixelated into oblivion. The road I was on is clearly visible in hi-res with cars going along it to the west of the west end of the main east-west runway. But the entire base has been crudely pixelated so as to be unviewable.

You can find it here:

51.5667226748, 4.93937926653

[Just push the "Fly To" tab in the top left of Google Earth, and paste in the line above and push the Search/Magnifiying Glass button next to it]

I really dont get this.

More major NATO bases such as Mildenhall and Lakenheath in the UK are completely visible in high res:

52.3636551681, 0.479026865934

52.403339953, 0.556697467456

So what the heck is at Gilze on that day that noone wants us to see? Or are the Dutch just paranoid? European Area 51? Secret Rendition flight on the ground? Anyone? Anyone?

By the way:

Have a look at the B17 on the ground at Duxford in flying condition:

52.0922586315, 0.129379759876

And the old WW1 fighter field at fowlmere back in use with a small twin on the ground:

52.0774049049, 0.061787171553


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