Monday, October 31, 2005

Earth to NDoc...

NDoc is a fantastic documentation autogeneration tool for .Net, specifically it generates the documentation from the tripple slash (///) xml comments you can place above programmatic elements in C# programs. The output from it is stunning. Not only is it MSDN Library quality, it links in with MSDN. So if you have a "string" parameter to a method, the Ndoc output will hyperlink this to the definition of the "string" class over in the MSDN documentation.

As im working as a solutions architect on a new project and we will be rapidly approaching technology selection point, i'm compiling some options for going with MS or other technologies, and if within MS, which development environment, either .Net 1.1 or .Net 2.0.

Having a look at NDoc the other day I found that support for .Net 2.0 isnt their yet. Its a great product but like all Open Source efforts is suspectable to the ability of the progenators to find time to work on it. Anyway, after unsuccessfuly trying to find out what was going on with NDoc for .Net 2.0, my old workmate Tom Hollander (now in Redmond, i think) finally managed to dig up the following:

This explains to some degree whats going on with NDoc and .Net v2.0.

I've also posted on a few forums wondering why NDoc hasn't been internalised into the MS VS product suite as NUnit has been.

It would make an equally great addition in my opinion. If anyone has some thoughts on this line, please pile in.


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